Who is my TARGET AUDIEnce?

“You to me are everything, the sweetest song that I could sing.”

We thought you’d never ask. And we’ll tell you who your target audience definitely isn’t…

Everybody. We know that you’ve had male and female customers, young and old, black, white, Cuban and
Asian. But no, this still doesn’t mean your target audience is everybody.

If you start creating content (or launching any marketing campaign) believing this or without establishing who your target market is then you won’t know how to go about finding them and connecting with them. First, we need our why, then we need our who, only then we can move on to our how.

Give yourself permission to think about your absolute sweet spot for your target audience. Your ideal customer. Do you really know who they are? Yes?
Prove it! Create a persona for them. The more detail the better.

Answer these questions:

• What gender are they?
• What age are they?
• Are they in a relationship? With who?
• Do they have kids? How many and how old?
• Do they work? Where? Doing what?
• Where do they live?
• What car do they drive?
• Where do they shop?
• What do they do in their spare time?
• Where do they holiday? And how often?
• What’s their favourite social channel?
• What other brands do they follow?
• What do they care about?
• Why do they use your business?

Now give them a name. Draw them if you want to. Stick them on your wall. Really get to know them. Everything you do revolves around them.

Let’s pretend you called them Doug. Now all content can be created thinking about talking to Doug. Don’t know what to write? What would Doug most like to hear about?

If you have multiple products or services that have wildly different target audiences, just repeat the process until you have a persona for each. If you’re targeting families or couples, think about who the decision maker is most likely to be. Don’t forget to use any information you already have around your target audience, whether this is qualitative or quantitative.